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TextMate shortcuts you should be using

This is my list of TextMate‘s keyboard shortcuts that are very useful for Ruby and Rails developers, but are not used as widely as they should (according to my very scientific observation on a very representative sample, i.e. my colleagues). I skipped all the obvious ones (like “open file”, “save file”, “go to next window”, “close window” etc.) that most people use anyway. My list includes shortcuts that are very useful but sometimes might be hard to grasp at first or might require a little explanation.
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Finally getting GetText to work with Rails 2.2

I18n layer, introduced in Rails 2.2, is said to be “the simplest thing that ever could work”. Too bad they didn’t go for “the simplest thing that could be practical to use”. These two can be very far apart. I have a hard time imagining a real-world app using only bare Rails’ I18n engine.

Another unpleasant thing is that Rails 2.2 broke GetText compatibility, which prevents many projects from migrating to Rails 2.2 or later versions.

Well, not anymore. Thanks to clever guys Masao Mutoh and Michael Grosser, it’s finally possible to get Rails 2.2 running with GetText. Read on for details.
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