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The future is now

You know what future is now? The one you mentioned one month ago, when you said “let’s copy and paste for now and fix it in the future.” And the one from “we’ll add unit test for that in the future.” And when will this “later” from “we’re going to refactor this later” happen? Later, of course.

Your “now” is the “future” in which former developers hoped to find some time and fix all the problems. They never did, of course, and now you are pushing even more into the future, for yourself or your successors. It’s like taking a huge debt intended for next generations to pay up and then taking even more debt just to pay the interest. It’s like a Ponzi scheme in development :)

If you always decide to cut corners “now” and fix it in the “future”, that future never comes. Instead, you’re setting yourself up for the future of constantly putting out the fires and wondering why your application cannot be more stable.