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Subversion updates notification with growlnotify

Here’s another cool use for growlnotify: informing about incoming SVN updates. For me this is crucial when working with TextMate, as it doesn’t have ‘Synchronization view’ like Eclipse has. And keeping up to date with files modified by your teammates helps minimize the number of SVN conflicts you’ll have to resolve.

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Rails plugins & svn:externals

Rails plugins are cool. Installing them as svn:externals is cool (mostly). What is not so cool is that some plugins have svn:externals incompatible URLs. In my current project there are two such plugins:

When you install them with script/plugin install -x, they are installed as for-1.2 and trunk, respectively. This is because Rails’ plugin installer takes the final part of a URL as the plugin name and apparently there is no way to change it.

Of course, names like trunk are not very good. In bigger projects with several plugins it may be difficult to remember which name points to which plugin. It’s also easy to imagine that someday we might want to use another plugin that has a URL ending with trunk.

You cannot change names of external directories with svn move and mv tool also doesn’t seem to work. Fortunately, I found other ways to fix this situation.
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