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Error while installing Postgresql 8.3 on Windows XP

I tried to install PostgreSQL on Windows XP using “PostgreSQL One-Click Installer” and got a cryptic message box telling about “error.installing.runtimes”. Googling for this message yielded nothing helpful so I thought I’d post my solution of this problem. I checked Windows’ Event Log and under System tab found a failure event from Windows Scripting Host telling that, basically, I tried to run a script but the host is inactive.

Well, to tell the truth, I inactivated it myself, using the xp-antispy proggy. The solution is to run xp-antispy, find “Deactivate Scripting Host” under “Misceallaneous Settings” and turn it off (make it red). After that PostgreSQL installs without errors.

After installation you can deactivate Scripting Host again, it looks that it’s not needed once PostgreSQL is installed.