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Relation from RailsConf Europe, day 3

Welcome to the final part of my RailsConf Europe 2008 coverage. On the third day I attended Ruby and Rails Symposium: Versions, Implementations, and the Future, Genomes on Rails and Small Things, Loosely Joined and Written Fast. The keynote was a little bit disappointing, but the other talks were both inspiring, albeit in different ways.

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Relation from RailsConf Europe 2008, day 2

It seems that I got too carried away writing about DHH keynote and forgot to mention other session I’ve been to that day. The first one was Hacking the Mid-End: Unobtrusive Scripting and Advanced UI Techniques in Rails, then Rails Software Metrics and Modeling Denormalization – The Speed You Need, the Order You Crave. I’m going to cover each one below.

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Relation from RailsConf Europe 2008, DHH keynote

The second day of RailsConf Europe 2008 started with David Heinemeier Hansson’s keynote on legacy software and was by far the most interesting and enlightening of the talks that I attended yesterday. DHH was mainly talking about legacy but I think the main message he was trying to get through was that a programmer should never stop learning, and I totally agree with that. I really regret I haven’t written about this before because now it will look like another DHH fanboy desperately trying to get to the me-too camp. Nonetheless, a couple of my own thoughts first and then on with the show.

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Relation from RailsConf Europe 2008, day 1

Panel discussion with DHH and Rails Core Team members

Panel discussion with DHH and Rails Core Team members

The first day was a registration and tutorial day. The registration went smoothly, there was no gigantic queue that people waited in for half an hour like last year. My feeling is that there is less people this year but probably the organization is also better. Read on for a relation on the tutorials I attended and evening’s panel discussion.

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I will be at RailsConf Europe 2008

Thanks to my employer Jarorcon, I will be attending RailsConf Europe 2008 in Berlin, Germany. Hopefully it will be at least as good as last year. I also hope to get some more t-shirts than last year (only one).

I’m especially looking forward to attending the tutorials: Better Living Through Resourceful Plugins and Meta-programming Ruby for Fun & Profit. The Object Databases with Ruby on Rails and Extending Ruby with Class talks also look very interesting. There is of course plenty of other interesting talks but I’m still undecided which ones to attend.

I will be also present at Bratwurst on Rails for some serious beer quaffing. I hope the wurst will be better than last time. Don’t hesitate to come up and chat with me if you want.