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Breadcrumbs II: the Internationalization

This is a quick followup to my breadcrumb solution. If your application is internationalized, I think you might be interested in the code presented below. If not, stick with the original version.

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Easy and flexible breadcrumbs for Rails

Most projects I work on require some implementation of breadcrumbs. Unfortunately most solutions that I found take the very simplistic approach: they split the URL and present each part as a link. I really have a hard time imagining that this can be sufficient for any non-trivial app.

I also found session-based implementation, but according to the above mentioned Wikipedia article classification these are path-style breadcrumbs, while I need location-style with a little bit of attribute-style mixed in where needed. That is, the breadcrumbs should normally reflect the page’s location in some (virtual) website hierarchy. Sometimes, while browsing things that are naturally hierarchical (like forum threads/posts, category trees and so on), the breadcrumb trail should also reflect this hierarchy. Read on to see my take on this problem.

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