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On salary negotiation during job interview

I have mixed feelings after reading the article The answer to the toughest interview question on salary negotiation during job interview. Also, there is much valuable advice in the over 160 comments, but some of them only deepen the confusion.

Penelope’s advice is to never give your desired salary, but make the interviewer state their range first (using your slick negotiation techniques). Some of the commenters agree with this while other say that it’s best to simply state a number that will satisfy you and you’ll either get a job with a satisfying salary or not get a job that you would not accept anyway. I’d like to share my experiences, which are somewhat different from most of the people commenting there, mostly because the situation and apparently the law is different here in Poland.
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Who do you want to be when you grow up?

So, you’re young and you’re a programmer. Maybe even a successful one. You have a cool job: the salary is good, the tasks are challenging and your coworkers are both intelligent and funny. Perhaps you’re not “just” a programmer, maybe your job title is something like “developer/designer” or “leading programmer”. I bet your parents are proud of you and most of your non-geek friends envy you. You have probably already created something you’re proud of: some cool app or a web framework. But…

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