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I am Przemysław “Szeryf” Kowalczyk, a 36 years old software developer living in Wrocław, Poland. I am currently working for a Polish startup pracownik.pl. We’re working on a Next Big Thing in job seeking and career management domain.

I have been working on Ruby on Rails projects for almost three years now. Earlier I worked several years on Java webapps. I was also a quite good perlgolfer :)

2 responses to “About the autor

  • Luis

    Hi, I was reading some of your blogs, very interesting. You look like a very intelligent and experienced programmer. I myself am a 3rd year Computer Engineering student in college and I’ve landed an internship for the upcoming summer which requires me to learn about relational databases, of which I know very little.

    I was wondering if you could recommend some good literature on the subject (relational databases). The company uses a language called PROGRESS (I don’t think it’s very popular), but a book using mySQL or SQL for reference would be just as good.

    Thank you

  • Markus


    I just read your WTF story and have experienced similar things ;). Would like to hear a little more about projects you have worked on before if you would like. Just mail me.

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