WeekProgress — complete iPhone application source code available

While you weren’t watching I went and created a small iPhone app: WeekProgress. Don’t expect too much functionality (or sense!) there – it was born mainly for learning purposes. It features a main screen and 3 (three!) screens worth of settings.

Working week progress bar

Working week progress bar

On the main screen you’ll find a progress bar that tracks your way through the working week. It starts at 0% on Monday morning and goes to 100% on Friday afternoon. The settings allow you to select working days and change working hours, so you can adjust it to your schedule.

Changing working hours

Changing working hours

And it’s free! And it features insightful and funny comments! And it looks like a couple of folks already installed this! So what are you waiting for?

But there’s more: I’ve made the source code available! And it is a brilliant and beautiful source code (if there is such thing as beautiful Objective-C code). And it features unit tests! How cool is that?

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